3. How to Install Windows 7?

Step 13 - You can now type the product key that came with Windows 7 and click next. If you do not enter the product key you can still proceed to the next stage. However Windows 7 will run in trial mode for 30 days. You must therefore activate Windows within 30 days otherwise you can not access your computer after 30 days.
Windows 7 pic1 - Click to enlarge
Step 14 - Help protect your computer and improve Windows automatically. Choose Use recommended settings.
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Step 15 - Review your time and date settings. Select your time zone, correct the date and time and click next to continue.
Windows 7 pic3 - Click to enlarge
Step 16 - Select your computer's current location. If you are a home user then choose Home network otherwise select the appropriate option.
Windows 7 pic4 - Click to enlarge
Step 17 - Windows will now finalize the settings for your computer and restart.
Windows 7 pic5 - Click to enlarge
Step 18 - After the final restart Windows 7 will start to boot up.
Windows 7 pic6 - Click to enlarge

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